h is a project with readings at various levels, aesthetic and conceptual, with an informational vocation, and that in its last objective addresses the analysis of the archetype, the only explanation for the author of obtaining complex knowledge.

A quotation from Borges "... I prefer to dream that polished surfaces appear and promise the infinite ..." is the vital starting point of a work which through images obtained in everyday environments, and used as a soundtrack,  the ground shared by poets, nuclear physicists and Zen masters is shown.

The city is lavish in images, documents, references, reality or its appearance, escape from the Universe of the obvious is not easy task, nevertheless for the author is the window towards a world in which Taisen Deshimaru, Richard Feynman, or Ernesto Cardenal coexist and show a way.

h is the Planck constant, origin of quantum mechanics, 6.63x10-34, figure obtained in 1905 using simply pencil and paper.

Project h is born as a photobook, a priori a suitable way of intermingling image and quotation, and crystallizes in a first dummy, but from a certain point acquires its own moment, and evolves towards a multidisciplinary exhibition in which sound, physical image that invites to be touched, a physical image that invites the submersion, drawing, volume, gravitation, textile apparatus, allow a configurable personal experience in which each viewer finds its own internal resonances.

Project h is part of a trilogy, in which the next installment, Project i, inquires about the root of beauty, desire and its formulation / mathematical relationship. The root of minus 1, symbolized by i, constitutes the nucleus of the imaginary numbers, which are the basis of the mathematical apparatus that develops quantum mechanics, and for Lacan it was surprisingly associable to the male penis.

Work finalist at Descubrimientos PHE, La Fábrica Photobook Week, exhibited at PHE 2015, Fotonoche Centro de Arte Alcobendas 2015, Spanish Royal Photographic Society 2016, Libros Mutantes La Casa Encendida, Kassel FotoBook Festival 2017, Photo Ireland Festival, Fundación Canal