I explore the reality that surrounds me, its materialization, its duality, the ambivalent and yes, the beautiful. Escaping from the Universe of the obvious is not easy, but I intensely try. The complex, the dark, the brilliant, the hidden, the unknown, the plastic, the feminine, the abstract, captivate me, and keep me, to some extent, prisoner.I feel comfortable working with the hybrid, with the juxtaposition of disciplines, in the world of thought, of ideas, of the conceptual process that leads to an idea, which in the end will be an image, or not. That mental process, for me, is an indissoluble part of the artistic fact.I photograph mainly people, dressed, as work, and naked as the product of a personal drive, mostly women. I also photograph abstract surfaces. Saving the obvious formal and aesthetic differences, most probably this implies the recognition that for me, the feminine is a form of abstraction.